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About company

The company Marinov&Merkulov appeared on the rental market for concert equipment back in the early 1980s. The name of the company was chosen not accidentally: these are the names of the founders of the enterprise, which today this buisiness can safely be called a family one.

Two companions used nothing more than genuine enthusiasm and commitment to their business to make the company a notable player in this rather complicated business. The roles of the partners were distributed according to their interests: Sergei Marinov was engaged in sound (before the rental business he was a musician), and Nikolai Merkulov took over the duties of a technician and an artist of the lighting.

Today, the organization with the same enthusiasm is led by the children and relatives of its founders. For three decades, the rental company Marinov & Merkulov has been safely kept afloat; She achieved respect and trust of colleagues, partners and clients.

The technical park consists of modern professional lighting, sound, stage and outboard equipment.

An integrated approach to the work allows us to conduct events of all possible scales at the highest level both in the territory of the South of Russia and in other regions of the country.

A firm foundation of the company is based on several principles:

  • High qualification of technical personnel: experienced engineers, certified riggers, sound engineers, light and technical artists;

  • Modern concert equipment park;

  • Possibility of technical equipment of stage platforms in all weather conditions;

  • Effective use of own engineering and production resources;

  • Systematic preventive maintenance for each piece of equipment;

  • Strict adherence to safety and operation standards;

  • Application of modern methods of calculation of drawings and 3D-visualization.

Entrust its technical equipmenting to the professionals of Marinov&Merkulov!

Our employees

Олег Смирнов
Евгений Меркулов
Вячеслав Меркулов
Андрей Химуля
Михаил Маркарян
Александр Пархомов
Сергей Безрученко

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